Matjaž Jeran: Big walls and beautiful girls

Cankarjev dom, Linhart Hall

26 February 2015, 20:00

Young and strong as we were, we felt the need for something more at the turn of the millennium. This meant venturing beyond the European sport climbing venues, climbing bigger routes and meeting pretty girls. Once we got our first taste, there was no turning back and soon we started discovering lands beyond the great seas. The first expedition to Kenya was the turning point: five friends in unspoilt wilderness, a great new route on an almost virgin face on the edge of the desert, followed by three weeks of partying in Nairobi and on the paradise island of Lamu. Trip deluxe! Half a year later I went to Yosemite with Miha Valič, where we learned the craft of crack climbing. We free climbed Half Dome and met two beautiful Mexican girls, who kept me company the next day while soaking in the hot springs, expanding my mind and body… We enjoyed countless similar experiences all over the world, in Pakistan, Dolomites, Western Alps, Himalaya…