Expedition members: Makalu 1975

27 February 2015, 18:00

Slovenian alpinists started visiting the Himalaya relatively late, but once they started, they quickly became extremely successful. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the first Slovenian ascent of an 8,000 meter peak. In October 1975, an expedition led by the legendary Aleš Kunaver climbed a new route on the south face of Makalu (8,463 meters), securing Slovenia’s position among the elite of Himalayan mountaineering. With unrelenting support of all expedition members, no less than seven climbers succeeded in reaching the summit. They were Stane Belak, Marjan Manfreda (who summited without the use of supplemental oxygen), Janko Ažman, Nejc Zaplotnik, Viki Grošelj, Ivč Kotnik and Janez Dovžan. Their new route up the formidable face is still hailed as one of the greatest achievements in the history of Himalayan climbing. It served as a great platform and motivation for all subsequent Slovenian expeditions to the Greater Ranges.