Sudarson Karki: Birds of the Himalayas

Cankarjev dom, Kosovel Hall

27 February 2015, 16:00

Nepal has one of the most diverse eco-systems anywhere due to its unique geography, climate and culture. With only 0.1% of total earth landmass, it's blessed with 9.3% of the world's bird species, 4.5% of the world’s mammal species, and 4.2% of butterflies species. Nepal is home to 872 species of birds and huge flocks of migratory birds come from near and far, some of them even crossing the Himalayan barrier. Just a few years ago, aquatic and other birds were in abundance all over Nepal, but their numbers have recently declined at an alarming rate, with some species even becoming extinct. Nepal is facing a serious challenge if it wants to conserve its biodiversity. The numbers of migratory birds have declined over the years due to a lack of knowledge, habitat loss, human encroachment, pesticides, pollution and climate changes. Education and awareness campaigns on birds and their contribution to our ecosystem can help restore their natural environment and create a society where birds are treated with respect they deserve.