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The Aljaž Turret – This thing has got a soul!

Cankarjev dom, Second Floyer

23 February 2015, 10:00

Exhibition, Authors: Gorazd Lemajič, Iztok Lemajič, 2014 / Slovenija / Narodni Muzej Slovenije, Restavratorski center Zavoda za varstvo kulturne dediščine Slovenije in IDFL d.o.o.

The Aljaž Turret has been standing on top of Triglav, 2864 m a.s.l., for 120 years. It is a cultural monument of exceptional value. Who erected it and why, who took care of it and how, what is the turret's history, and what its meaning? What does it mean to the Slovenes today? And what can we do for its preservation?

These questions were the starting point for a professional analysis of the monument, carried out by the Restoration Centre of the Institute for Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia, in cooperation with the National Museum of Slovenia, between 2009 and 2014. The Aljaž Turret is indeed highly exposed to weather extremes – wind, rain, snow, frost, and sun. Some of the damages to the turret are man-made: the masses of visitors, people signing their name on the turret, unprofessional renovation, etc.

Its history, which in a way is also the history of the Slovenians from the late 19th century onwards, provides the story line of the exhibition, and its main exhibit is a life-size copy of the turret as it was erected by the parish priest Jakob Aljaž in 1895. The idea for the exhibition emerged during the restoration research of the turret and the simultaneously made documentary The Aljaž Turret – “This thing has got a soul”.

May this exhibition inspire reflection on the meaning of the Aljaž Turret and on how to preserve this vulnerable monument for the future generations, safeguarding the legacy of Jakob Aljaž and the place his turret occupies in Slovenian history and the awareness of the Slovenians.