Accompanying program

Planinski vestnik – 120th anniversary

Cankarjev dom, Second Floyer

23 February 2015, 10:00

Exhibition, Author: Marjeta Keršič - Svetel, Planinski vestnik editorial board

Planinski vestnik, the oldest Slovenian magazine still being published, has been with us for 120 years. Its first issue came out in Ljubljana on February 8th 1895, and the publication has been a trusted companion to Slovenian mountaineers since the times of the great Jakob Aljaž. It was there when the Aljaž turret was built on top of Triglav, when the first hut at Kredarica was opened, it reported about new trails in Slovenian high mountains… Later it covered numerous audacious first ascents both in the home mountains and, when the time came, on the greatest Himalayan peaks. Throughout its life it reflected the work of the Alpine Association of Slovenia and the general mountaineering culture and has grown to become the most comprehensive archive of Slovenian mountaineering.

This is not an ordinary magazine; it’s more of an invitation to hillwalkers, mountaineers, climbers, skiers, bikers, cavers, paragliders and all other mountain lovers who enjoy returning from the mountains with a strong sense of inner peace. The exhibition celebrating the 120th anniversary of Planinski vestnik gives a visually interesting overview of the magazine, its significance and its mission.