Accompanying program

Magic Mountain Garden

Cankarjev dom, Second Floyer

23 February 2015, 10:00

Exhibition of illustrations, Author: Jelka Godec Schmidt, Sidarta

Jelka Godec Schmidt is an artist who has recently illustrated a book of fairy tales by Polonca Kovač, a talented author and translator. Her rich artistic path has seen her try her hand at numerous different techniques and approaches, all with great dedication and success. In 1997 she won a Levstik award for her illustrations of the book “Bisernica”, while in 2004 she received a Smrekar award for her contribution to the book “Muca prede nitke zlate”.

Jelka Godec Schmidt is a big fan of Polonca Kovač, which is clearly evident from her illustrations. For her most recent project, she has created a rich world of mountains, nature and the inhabitants of such elevated places, both real and imaginary, which will surely capture your imagination.