Main Award of the City of Domžale

Jeff Lowe's Metanoia

Jeff Lowe is portrayed as the great legend that he is, but then his myth is deconstructed, exposing his failures as a human being who neglected his business and family. Just when he started to change for the better, his health began deteriorating and he was forced to face every mountaineer's biggest fear. The film shows that anybody can change, even if it means accepting the worst. A touching story brilliantly told, with a great balance of archival footage, interviews, music and sound, dealing with huge topics but staying humble and not becoming pathetic.

Best Mountaineering Film

Valley Uprising

Is it possible to tell the story of a place with such a rich history? Valley Uprising manages the task perfectly by presenting historical details and backgrounds, telling the story of chosen key figures through new methods of post production, and adding the right amount of drama and humor, enriching the whole narrative with a critical view of the American society.

Best Climbing Film

Redemption: the James Pearson Story

Climbing films which focus solely on the physical activity can often be boring. This is a film about James Pearson as a person, not just as a climber, and it’s the honest interviews which provide insight into his mind as he struggles for fame that make this film so valuable.

Best Film Mountain, Sports and Adventure

The cave connection – into the unknown

This film shows us that adventures don’t have to be presented like commercials. The cave connection is humble and has no intention of becoming famous. The protagonists take us under the surface to be part of a historical moment in cave research, providing insight into the courage of both the researches and the filmmakers, who suffer in the dark without any means of communication, just to discover unknown connections.

Best Film Mountain Nature and Culture

You remain the farmer

This documentary preserves a cultural reality that is about to vanish. The personality of an old man is used as a critic of our modern society, but without pointing any fingers. The farmer radiates wisdom, faith and calmness, which so many young people in our society are missing. The film never becomes monotonous, even though it’s quite long. It flows at just the right pace, relies heavily on symbolism and delights viewers with stunning natural and cultural imagery.

Best Short Film

Butter Lamp

The film starts with a hilarious scene which is sure to make everyone laugh. But very soon it becomes obvious that this is actually an extremely detailed examination of a political system that tries to undermine cultural heritage with new, empty values. Innovative, smart and sharp.

Honorable Mention: Climbing Films

Project Mina

The film moves us with honesty and the unique approach of the filmmaker. It doesn’t take long before the viewer is friends with Mina, sharing her hopes, doubts and struggles.

Honorable Mention: Climbing Films

Wild New Brave

Many humorous untold stories are revealed to present the lifestyle of an era. This is one of the few historical documentaries that are enjoyable and fun. Archival material, cartoon animations and interviews all work together to provide a meaningful historical monument.

Honorable Mention: Mountain Nature and Culture


Traditional taboos are ripped apart as we follow innocent girls playing football and leaving home to bring prestige to their community in the remote mountains of Nepal. The film illustrates a positive example of alternatives that makes a society think about their own structures. It’s authentic and sensitive, and the protagonists’ emotions are thoroughly explored without interfering with their actions.

TV Slovenia Award

Live for Passion

The jury of TV Slovenia, composed of Aleša Valič, Head of Educational Broadcasting, Andrej Otovčevič, Producer of Educational Broadcasting, and screenwriter dr. Andrej Doblehar, has awarded the TV Slovenia Award to Žit' pre vášeň – Live for Passion. Highlights of the film include great screenplay and direction, beautiful imagery and a convincing story combining tradition with modern alpinism in Slovakia. Although being historically accurate, the story is still personal and poetic, and Slovenian viewers are surely intrigued by this relatively unknown tradition of alpinism which has developed not far from our country.